An approach promoting commitment, creativity and transformation


Flexible structure

  • Determine the specific goals and success indicators of a proposed course of action.
  • Clarify its meaning, importance and intention in order to spur engagement and action. Establish the rules of the game and clarify the role of each individual to promote collaboration and the achievement of goals.

Collaboration and trust

  • Propose a work method that involves co-creation and co-responsibility to increase the chances of success and experience the power of true collaboration.
  • Model the relationships of trust that are indispensable in collaboration, creativity and engagement.

Broadened perspectives

  • Use tools that promote a balance between the rational, emotional and physical aspects so as to explore unexpected possibilities and accelerate transformation.
  • Widen clients’ awareness by taking a step back, listening attentively and asking penetrating questions in order to help them see, think and act differently.

Energy and engagement

  • Appreciate the strengths and qualities of an organization or individual in order to generate energy, hope and engagement.
  • Help clients to imagine their future by using their strengths and qualities as a springboard and making choices that will inspire and motivate them to take action.

Powerful concrete and innovative tools


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